Is 26400 (after tax) a good salary? food and housing on my charge

Hi All,

I have job offered  26400 (after tax) per annum euros. and the location is Vienna.

i have to take care about the lodging\food.

Insurance will be taken care by company

Is amount this sufficient ? should i go for it
Please suggest

Hello ravindra_! and welcome on board

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Kenjee Team

hi dear.
i think this salary is good. and you can pay for the accommodation and food easily. may be it can be increased by further qualification and experience.

I get about 31000 after tax. It's okay (my wife currently does not work). It depends where you live. If you want a nice 1 bedroom expect to pay between 700-1000, a 2 bedroom expect to pay 850-1100. If you have a new house utilities will be extremely low, probs like 40/month.

Food: It depends how much you eat out. We eat maybe 1-3 meals out, and the occassional pizza and kebab. We shop at the cheap grocery store and spend ~220 Euro a month for 2 people.

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