We have 3 boys, looking for a place to live in Nairobi.


We have 3 boys and we are looking for a good place to live in Nairobi. We are currently in Mombasa.

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So as to increase your chances to find a nice accommodation, I invite you to drop in an advert in our Housing in Nairobi section of the site.

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What are your accommodation preferences? When do you want the accommodation?

I have a place in Naivasha. What is ur budget? and for how long? Could you be interesed?

What's their budget? How young are these boys? More details needed

just send me your no..i might help to get you a house...nathan

Hi baraza19 > if you have accommodation for rent, i invite you to post it in the housing in Nairobi section. Thank you.

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Call me then we  can organize. Which area of Nairobi do they prefer? =254733635840

When are you leaving Mombasa?

Hello there is no reply to the number you have given me.  Maybe you call me on mine

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What type of housing are you looking for, for how much, what area and for how long?
With that information I can be able to help.

Hi, when u say "boys", what age r u talking about?


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