Im Lina from Indonesia.
I wish travel to Belgium and stay there. Now I tried to find any job there by online. If you hv any advice or over any job. Let me know. Cheers. :)


Hi Lina,

It would be great if you can tell us a bit more about the kind of job that you are looking for?
What are your qualifications?


Priscilla  :cheers:

hei lyna.
by experience i tell you that belgium is special and it has a very well organised system compared to other countries i travelled. in the wintertime there are not so many jobs but if you really look for a job ,you get full support from the local job center called the forem. - subscribe here for a start. anyway most of the employers are asking for a document that proves that you are subscribed to their agencies as a job seeker. there are lots of ways to get jobs,to get assistance for many reasons, good health care assurances. bureaucracy is not high, so there is no paper-madness. people are sweet. good luck.

Hello Priscilla,
I graduated from forestry science and now working in NGO company, teaching and writing about environmental programme for children and teenagers. But I dont think I can use this skill if I decided travel long abroad, especially in Belgium.

I was plan as an au-pair girl because I like children and I want live in a foreign family to see the culture, so I registered myself to some au-pair website, but I cant find any family.
I can work as waitress, administration staff, customer service in a shop, restaurant or hotel. I am small but I hv good health, Im diligent person, polite and kind. And now I learn French Language. :)

Hello Arpad,
Thank you for support me. I hope I can make my dream come true for stay some months in Belgium. I will look the website!! :)

Cheers from Indonesia.

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