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My name is Debs, It is nice to meet you.
I'm Australian expat living in china.  I am looking forward to moving out of the pollution to a healthy environment. I'm moving to Brunei in August to teach. I'm coming with my two teenage kids daughter 11 and my son 14.
My questions:
What is there to do in Brunei for Teenagers?
How easy is it to make friends, or dating other expats, or joining sports groups?
I'd like to know about quarantine for our dog we are moving from China to Brunei?
Buying a 2nd hand car is a must, what is the best way to do this?
How is the cost of living? How much does a family of 3 need to live comfortably?

Please tell me anything that will be useful for our move....

Is this Law causing any problems for expats?

You can email me: deborahtellis[at]gmail.com

Hi Debs,

Welcome to Expat.com!

Thank you for your this introduction.

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Best of luck,

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