Business "fixer" in Cambodia


I am wanting to start a business in Cambodia but I know it can be a headache.  I am looking for someone that can organise all the registrations and licenses for me.  Does anybody have a good recommendation for me?  I want someone trustworthy.


Hi dwbelinda,
We are in the process of application for to get our Incorporation Certificate and using a service of a small firm. If all goes well I could give you their contact information if you still needed. There are quite a few of them in the market, from the very expensive once to the very reasonable once. You just have to look around and see what you need for yourself.

send me you email and I can introduce you to the one who has done my licenses.

Did you have a cambodian mr.fix it who can help with banking,insurance,visas,scooter buy?

yes  - even the scooter buy

Price pr hour?
Need to set up bank account, get extencion on visas for me and my girlfriend+++++

Hello BongThom,

Can you share info about your contact :/
You can register your contact in the Cambodia business directory as well.

Thank you,

the best is to get a well established lawyer ,
I would recommend Balen ( 089333898) he is a malayisan lawyer,consulting here in cambodiafor th last 15 years ,he knows how to get everything done properly.
he also will not waste time if he thinks your not sure of what you want to do!


Hello Ruben M :)

Thank you for participating on this thread.

Would be great too if you could recommend this lawyer in our business directory : Lawyers in Cambodia


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