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Hello & Assalam-O-Alaikum everybody.

I came in Saudia in September 2014. My new company is not preparing my Iqama yet. Whenever I ask iqama they mention we have applied for medical insurance and next week we will get it then we will apply for Iqama. In this case please mention
-can I apply for release directly in labor office?
-Suppose if they have applied for medical card, will the labor court consider my case as "Iqama not prepared for three months"?
-What consequence I will be facing in labor court if my company is not giving me release?
-is it true that labor courts are not friendly at al, and they support kafeels only?
Furthermore They are not issuing salaries from October so:
-if the case my Iqama is prepared can I apply for release on this salary not issued basis?
-if yes please mention procedure too.

Hope I will get a quick response in this frustrating situation.

Thanks & JazakALLAH

I think you should hasten to report ur case to the labor office as soon as possible and you'll get everything. Don't wait more. Your case is stronger. If you still think that you can not manage alone, try contacting a lawyer. He'll charge around 10,000 riyals depending upon nature of ur case. But, i guess u can pursue without a lawyer.

I agree you brother , IMMEDIATE go to labor office , issue CASE against this COMPANY , do not worry.

u find new green light company then u can transfrer directly without comming back to x company

Thanks brother for this information.



Sorry if I am annoying you people. But why you people are not replying my queries? Please understand my serious concerns to this issue! What you people are replying I can get through a simple Google search. But what I asked, I am unable to find it anywhere in web world :-(

Brother ,

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1- Go to LABOR OFFICE and issue CASE against them.

2- or if you have other job ask LABOR OFFICE to transfer your IQAMA to new SPONSOR.

please go do not wist your time.

hope above information help you.


Thanks for your swift response.
Any idea how much expenses I will face for this whole scenario?
Is it necessary that this whole case must be handled by a solicitor or I myself can do everything all alone?
What I have come across through Internet information My current employer have 5 days time to review my case which he will receive from lobar court and still have authority not to release me, true?

Brother ,

Just go LABOR OFFICE , YOUR SPONSOR will be in trouble , no salaries , especially if he has BUSINESS so he has to settle your ISSUE  ,   my email : [email protected]

Thanks & JazakALLAH  brother.

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Good afternoon..
     I will ask only if what should ill do on my problem..our salary was delayed for 3 months...can i file a exit visa to my employer?

Dear friends,
I am working in manpower Supply based company since 2009. Suddenly my sponsor called and said I have to go exit , he said he have some company issue so I requested several time for Tanazul but he not agreed, I said at least give me time bcz my family is with me and car is on lease but sponsor said within week I have to go exit so I have no choice except exit so I was trying to transfer my leased car to my brother but it becomes complicated due ALJF staff so it is delaying in between my sponsor threatened me every day if you will not go exit he will make huroob or file case , I told him car is not transferring but he not believed, in between company make exit of my family so I send her to home country. After this I was harassed so I filed case against him bcz company also was not ready to give me 6 months balance salary and end of service.
During all this happening I was working on another company supply by my company with valid chamber paper. But my company also complained in labour office I was working without his information ,
Now 8 months passed and I didn't get any results, court given me next date on December2018, I try to compromise to company but he not agreed. Court listening to company not mine , I don't know arabic so I can't explain.
Kindly help me how to get out from this problem I m suffering lot.


Great day,

I am currently working here Riyadh, and our company delayed our salary for 2 months and now going to 3 months by the end of November. We got an offer from other company and our current employer has dispute on releasing us. The other company is only waiting for the approval of release from our current company. If our current company don't want to release us, what is our best thing to do? What is the possibility on transferring to other company if they don't give salary for 3 months?

Please we need advice.


I am also have same problem

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I need change company but not understand how to change prosiger any people help me my eqama balance 5 month

How to sponsered change  how can change sponser I don't know prosiger please help me my eqama and contract 4 month balance

@alsairy12345 assalamualaikum
Sir I'm in Saudi Arabia. It's almost 3 month over.
But my kafeel didn't make iqama and medical.
Company give me advance. Not salary.
Company not give the work as mentioned in offer letter.
Also I work in other company and in my visa company name mention something else.

There's any way to me for transfer my sponsor id.?
Plzz let me know....
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