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hey I'm thunking about teaching english in cambodia and was wondering what the typical pay and requirement is for an english teacher?  the internet says all different kimdsof things and I just wanted to hear from a coupkeof expats over there. I dobt have any experience nor any kind of certificate.

what?  my post was written on my cellphone.

Hi Blaze,

The normal salary of Native english teacher here if you are working part time you get 10-12or 15 dollars an hour. that is in a school. and if full employed will be $1200 the most. Some small international school will hire you around $500-800 working full time.
For non native will be much lesser. Hope this satisfies your question.


wow I was expecting a litle more than that but i gues its better than nothing

A lot of your salary will be based on your CV or resume'  amount of experience and amount of education you have, I had a friend teaching here for a major international English school with 2 master degrees and he made about $20+ an hour full time. 8 hours a day.

I am not intending to be rude, but why are you considering English language teaching if you have no experience or certification? Will you feel comfortable teaching students who are paying hard-earned money to learn what is an important life skill for them? Will you consider that you are doing your best by those students?

Do you have other skills that you could use to find employment instead? Or perhaps you could consider committing to an approved CELTA course to get some qualifications beforehand? The best paid teachers with the best packages are those who have experience and internationally recognised qualifications. You shouldn't be surprised that someone without experience or qualifications doesn't receive a high salary!

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Hi, the standard rate is normally $10/hour min with no experience. Hope this helps

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