Invest in the construction of small bungalow

Hi all,
I'm retired in France and now I would like to invest in the construction of small bungalow to host European tourists and work with travel agencies in Europe or Airbnb. I speak French, German and English. Any advice from people who have experienced expatriation to Cambodia are welcome and appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you. See you soon. Edwin

Hi expated,

Welcome to :)

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Priscilla  :cheers:

Hallo Edwin,
ich bin Judit. Ich plane Geschäft in Cambodia. Ich würde gerne mehr Austausch haben, ich sende meine mail adresse:
Bitte, sende mir Ihre mailadress. Meine Sprachen: Deutsch, Ungarisch, Englisch
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
J. K.

Hi Edwin,
I'm Judit. I have to build up a Business in Cambodia. I would' like change our Planes, and shares our Experiences. I send my mail: karas.judit[at]
Please, send your mailadress. We can have contact  in english or in german.
I'm looking forward, best regardes
J. K.

Hi edwin,  Im investigating this arena  Where did you want to build?  there is soft title and hard title. stay in touch Lawrance

Hi! We are interested in building a small (10 rooms, 2 people each) retreat center near Angkor. Our budget is very limited, so we would have to choose an area between 15 to 20 minutes away from the temples, ideally with water, internet and other utilities (almost) ready.

Please stay in touch, we will be in Cambodia for one exploratory week in February. Cheers

Hallo Judit, es freut mich dich kennen zu lernen. Ich habe die gleichen Interessen wie du. Meine pläne sind mittelfristig, Ich muss zuerst meine immobilien Investitionen hier in Frankreich liquidieren damit ich dann frei bin und dieses Land verlassen kann. Ich denke dass es noch ein bischen Zeit braucht.  Ich vermute dass es bis Juli erledigt werden kann.
Mein Plan ist kleine Bungalows (in typischer asiatischen Style) in der nähe der Tempels in Angkor zu bauen für europeische oder amerikanische Touristen in zusammenarbeit mit Reisebüros oder Airbnb zu vermieten. Zuerst werde ich eine Reise nach Cambodia für einige Monaten machen um mich umzusehen.
Ich sende dir meine email: edominic[at]
Freundliche Grüsse.

[at] Juci71 and Edwin > As were are on the Cambodia anglophone forum, can you please write in english so that everybody can understand?


Priscilla :)

my message was intended to a german speaking person. Sorry. The next time i will write the text in german and english.

can you contact Mr Kao Vannarin - kvannarin[at]
he is French-Cambodian and has some land near the city and in the province, which he wants to do the same!
if you google his name you will understand more about him 
if not you can contact me at rubenmahendran[at] .

I am new here and interested in business startup.
I have 30 years experience in U.S. Construction
Keep in contact.
David C,
Phnom Penh

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