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Hi there,
I am moving back to Bucaramanga this friday, the 16th, ( I used to live there in the past for a couple years, and longer in Bogota and Villavicencio, and have been in Peru the last two years but im done here) but this time Ill be searching for an apartment on my own to rent. I am American but have Colombian residency as well. I am looking for someone who may be able to help me translate spanish/english with potential landlords, just in case they do not speak spanish so I can get into a permanent apartment.  (my spanish is not quite fluent yet haha)
And for your time I can buy you lunch, or dinner or drinks or whatever you would like, let me know if your interested, thanks - Daniel   - And if anyone needs help with anything there I may be able to help you out as well, Let me know - Ill have a few days off work starting the 16th -

sorry, I meant "just in case they do not speak "English" - * Also, I forgot to mention I do have a lot of good contacts there and know owners of English institutes, dentists, and teachers at the Universities if you need help :) Thanks

We now revive this long-forgotten thread about Bucaramanga, because
(a) Why not?!
(b) How many cities deserve an exclamation point in their thread title!
(c) And to present the following...

Top Ten Things I Noticed in My First Week Ever
              Visiting Bucaramanga

10.  Beautiful landscaping is the rule in the Expat-friendly Sotomayor sector.
9.  Classy storefronts and well-kept residential exteriors live up to Buca's
     reputation as the Beverly Hills of Colombia.
8.   Lots of dogs around, but you don't see canine droppings on sidewalks.
7.  People seem extremely polite, even on the Cacique bus.
6.  The bus to Cacique mall (kah-SEE-kay) -- the only bus ride I have had -- was filled to
      the max on Friday night.  Bus fare:  1600 pesos -- 41 cents US.  Taxis
      are cheap -- typically about two dollars for a ten minute ride.
5.  For about 15 US you can buy a small-cup food warmer for your hotel room,
      at the store Falabella, which has a presence at some of the bigger malls.
4.  The young women are very shapely.  The full effect is hard to judge due
      to the widespread wearing of 'tapabocas' and 'mascarillas' during The Situation.
3.  The food court or 'patio de comidas' on the third floor at Cacique has
      about two dozen different restaurants from pizza to chicken to seafood
      to 'carnes'.
2.   The room rate at a top hotel with first-rate restaurant, swimming pool, spa
       services and 12th-floor city views is $54 a night based on 14+ days of

And the number-one thing I noticed in my first week in Bucaramanga...

1.   Colombia's great blackjack rules apply in the local casinos, including
      double down allowed on any first two cards, double after splitting,
      .. and surrender of stiff hands against any dealer card including an ace.

As for what I noticed about the weather, I agree with the conventional wisdom that Bucaramanga's weather is similar to Medellín's -- just a few degrees (F.) warmer in Buca.  Nights have been about 72 degrees F. and pleasant.

There has been precious little rain during my stay in November (2021).

cccmedia in Bucaramanga

Some very useful information - thanks. I am seriously thinking of going there next year sometime. I would go for two weeks probably and also want to travel the region. I do know someone living in that city who grew up there which would be a big help to me.

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