Inexpensive room in Tan Phu/District 11?

I am looking for an apartment or room in Tan Phu/District 11. I am on a post-grad, part time job salary at the moment, so I need something quite inexpensive. I do not need it to be pre-furnished and do not need AC, and I would love to find a place in an alley to keep the price down.

What's your budget??

Around 3mil/month

Hi friend,
I live in Tan Binh District , I suggest that u should find room in Tan Binh District around Bay Hien Crossroad which is located opposite Thong Nhat Hospital. The accommodation and food around there are affordable for Vietnamese and foreign students to live and it is also close to the center than Tan Phu. I used to study in Tan Phu District. It is good but it is as safe as u live in the area that i suggest u :d. The private room is just around 2-3 million, food is quite cheap. For ex, bowl of Pho, noodles cost around 15-17000 VND. If u have any help, feel free to contact me via email sang.phan0602[at] I'm willing to be free guide to help u to find ur affordable accommodation.

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