thailand visa

hi ...Next month am coming to Malaysia i need to know
my visa is visit visa in airport they ask me for return ticket  i want to make return ticket
and i want to know what will be charges for visa for Thailand .....

Hi mustaq7520

I have been referred by Gravitas to contact you

My issue is my social pass has got expired i.e the six months validity has been completed, I want to travel back to India

Kindly help and guide me how can I do that and what will be the procedure

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Hi Gravitas

I have messaged  mustaq7520

but it seems to be not responsive please let me know if i have flight ticket can i directly go to the airport immigration and do the procedure to exit the country by paying fine

I don't know. It's night-time in India so probably the reason for no response. Just remember your social visit pass was valid for a period of 6 months, but each entry into Malaysia was still limited to 30 days once, or each time (I think). You could start a new thread and ask people to inform you about the deportation process at airport -v- enforcement.

hi....tell me right now ur in Thailand r in Malaysia

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