working for foreign embassy in jakarta

Dear All,

If some expat working at the embassy in jakarta reading this, I need a job and really want to work at foreign embassy as a local staff. I am a bachelor (IT) but will take any job at the embassy, so if you need one please do not hesitate to contact me at my email



a realistic vision : no one from the embassies will propose you a job by reading a short message on a forum.

You should contact the embassies and follow the regular process

All my wishes of success,


Hi Julien

Why its hard to find a job in embassy?
If u have experienced to work in embassy before and why you suggest it, any other way to get a job jn a embassy easily?


One of my Indonesian friends just got a job in an Indonesian Embassy overseas when he has real no experience in that field. But he has exported products back to Indonesia and  participates in many activities with the Embassy so I think they all knew him pretty well before he was offered the job. Also my wife knows a few Indonesian Ambassadors and ITC heads around the world from dealings and contacts with them, she is Indonesian.

It seems that you will stand a better chance of getting a job with an Indonesian Embassy overseas assuming that you have the required qualifications, contacts, usefulness, skills, connections and languages. Why don't you choose that route. Probably you stand a better chance.


Thanks for your information, but for work in foreign embassy its still need some of the certificates such as toeic, tesol or toefl?
Because for me its very difficult requirements

If you have her contacts I would like to ask her more how could to work there as her before, I mean doesn't have any experienced yet before

Thanks much before and really eagerly to know it from you,


Sorry, I am not going to give out information or contacts because that is private. I was just making some points.

But I will say that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Don't put barriers up such as Toesl or Teofl being difficult, do what is necessary to be successful. Think about what you could do in terms of further studies to become valuable. Consider a government scholarship to study overseas. Learn something new. Do overseas courses. Overseas colleges and organizations offer scholarships, did you know that? Become useful and stand out from everyone else.

Do you know that some Indonesian low level workers often without a University Degree go to work in car factories in Japan, learn Japanese, then come back here and represent Japanese companies as owners and CEO's of a company for a Japanese concern?  They just sit in their office following the instructions from their Japanese boss who is in Japan and who pops over now and again, and they get a Rp10 - 15 million salary for not doing much.

Again the point is to think outside the box. Don't limit yourself or you will never get anywhere in life.

Ok,no matter with it and thanks for your nice advices its really helpful for me as Im poor of experienced especially in work field and its really hard to get a job in overseas without those certificates...

yeah Im gonna do it and I have many plans to take it and to find many scholarships to be succesful but it still needs time and many struggle to reach it as u have said before that it has many ways to be successful...

Study hard, work hard and get the good job 😂😆😂😅

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