Cost of living in Antwerp

It would be interesting to exchange on the cost of life in Antwerp, so that future expats in Antwerp can make a budget!

For a start, we thing about the cost of:

- accomodation (appartment, or house)
- water and electricity
- public transport (metro, bus or taxi)
- monthly household shopping
- average price for bread, butter, milk, eggs, kg of meat...
- medical insurance
- visit to the house doctor
- school fees (specify which school)
- petrol
- average price of a good menu in a traditional restaurant
- a beer or a coffee in a bar or pub
- a cinema ticket

and of course, if you think I forgot an important point, just add it up!

Thanks for your participation :)

This is all incredibly subjective, it will differ for everyone, depending what part of the city they live, what is available for rent/purchase, how much utilities they use, how much shopping they do, what sort of places they like to eat, etc etc. The only thing on here that can be given with any sort of clarity is the public transit.

The company that does all the buses/trams/metro is De Lijn, and you can purchase cards of €8, and ride any of those things for €.80 each time, valid for 1 hr. Else it costs €1.20 for a single, and €2 to buy from the driver.

I think that Antwerp is cheaper to live at than Brussels, (renting an appartment, transportation, and some restaurants)

I guess about all the rest like Petrol, cinema ticket and daily food to buy it's all pretty much the same price since you have the same supermakets, cinema theather etc.

Antwerp is a great city I think, it's dynamic, beautiful and stategicaly between Brussels and the Netherlands.

Melby :

This is all incredibly subjective

I know it is, Melby, but people need to have something to start off you know! Anyhow thanks for your input :)

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