Looking for a place to stay in March 2015

Hi !

I'm a 22-year-old student in engineering. I live in France, in Paris. I'll be in Shenzhen in March 2015 because I have to do a formation for my internship (in Hanoi).

I'm looking for a room, a bed or just a couch to pass the month ! I don(t want to sleep in a hotel for one month ... =) Of course I will pay the person who may host me !

Don't be afraid ! I'm very esaygoing and quiet. I will work so I won't be in the flat all day long. I also like to party and to discover new places. So, if you want to meet new people and pass good times, reply to this message !

Happy new year !

PS1: I'm french but I'm able to speak english and spanish !
PS2: Feel free to contact me by mail (martin78480[at]gmail.com) or by skype (martin.guignard1)

Hello Martin! :)

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For your accomodation hunt, I invite you to drop in an advert in our Housing in Schenzhen section of the forum.

Happy New Year

Expat.com Team

Hi ShenzhenKH,

Please feel free to post this advert in the Rooms for rent in Shenzhen section, this might surely be of great help.



Hi,Martin,Down load an App "Airbnb" u can serch lots of wonderful apartment in any city of the world , u must get one suit for u.

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