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Hi - I'm in the US but arriving to HCM early January. Can someone recommend a nice service apartment available on a month-by-month basis. I prefer to be in the middle of things rather than further away? Also, what are the popular expat pubs. I'm not a big drinker but I do like to hang out. Thanks.

Have you tried checking out the HOUSING section of the Vietnam Forum? You can access it by clicking on the HOUSING tab in the green banner at the top of the page.

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Thanks. Yes, I did. But there aren't any listings for service apartment.  :|

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Every market is different and in VietNam one useful place to start is Craigs List even if only to get a 'feel' for the market.

You search criteria is a little thin.

What sort of budget, how much space, pleasure or business, etc.

Remember, with Tet/Chinese New Year coming up the pressure on accommodation will be high and this year ..... but this year the Prime Minister has decided to extend vacation time to around two weeks (including weekends) for our Tet.

Backpackers hang out in a slum area called 'Pham Ngu Lao' (half the area has been condemned for occupation by Vietnamese - Foreigners don't count)(not as bad as HongKong's Ping Che, Fanling area). There are serviced apartments but they are in a different part of the city.

Between the slum and the nicer serviced accommodation area is a large earthworks where our new subway and our new kilometre long pedestrian mall is being built.

The most viable alternative is doing a deal with a hotel for a monthly discount rate. This gives you a choice of a slummy area with nightly noisy celebrations OR a classier area with less noise.

And save your money by avoiding the rip-off artists like Agodas,, etc - because at this time of year the hotels often ignore bookings made through these operations.

There is one serviced hotel, in the classier part of town charges USD$1,000 for a small serviced unit in the classier area - for which you could get a better deal on a hotel room.

Detail your needs and you'll get a better idea.

P.S. HCMC is entering is hot weather season until May, then it's bloody rain again!

Hi Everyone - I am looking in District 1. tis

Hi biz man,

Welcome to! :)

For your accommodation search, I would invite you to post an advert in the Saigon housing section. ;)

I wish you good luck in you search.
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Thank you so much. I am looking at District 1. Hoping it wi=on't be too complicated to find a nice service apartment for month or two. Tks.

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