Delaying in visa stamping from Saudi Embassy in Karachi

Can anyone let me know that why so much delay in visa stamping from Saudi Embassy in Karachi, I submitted my document on 03 Dec. 2014.


Did you get any response?

No, still waiting.

I took some views of the peoples who applied before me and they inform that nowadays it is taking about 30 to 35 days.

Tomorrow I will call to my agent let see what happen.

Do let me know what your agent says. My agent applied for my visa in consulate approx 10 days back but now he is saying that it would take time as there is some sort of strike going on these days in KHI Consulate. I don't know he is just making excuses or its really true.

I don't think but what I understand whole delay is because of new system.

You did bio matrix and degree attestation?

Yes I did bio metric and my agent got my degree attested from Culture and Embassy. Then he applied for my Visa approx 10 days back.

In how much time your degree was attested from saudi cultural and saudi embassy?
Did you attest your degree from islamabad embassy?
Plz help

Yes through my agent and it takes 15 to 20 days time.

I confirmed with my agent and he told that embassy is working, don't worry it takes time but visa will be stamped Inshallah.

Thanks alot kkhan 79.
Actually few days back i was selected as electrical engineer in ksa.
Company asked me to hire an agent so that company would send my contract to the agent.
Now its been approx 1 month i am waiting for the company to send mt contract to the agent.
Please let me know how much usually company takes time to send the official contract? Which is duly attested from chamber of commerce and saudi foreign affair?
Please guide me

Looking forward for kind support

is the delay same for visit visas?

No its for employment visa

kkhan79 wrote:

Can anyone let me know that why so much delay in visa stamping from Saudi Embassy in Karachi, I submitted my document on 03 Dec. 2014.


It generally takes 15-30 days based on the work load embassy has.  I know this from one of my colleagues who got his visa stamped recently.

Hey KKhan

Any update on your visa?

No nothing, still waiting.

what about you?


did you get your contract...

No, nothing yet. Why is there so much delay? Any update from your agent? You applied on 3rd Dec, so its been over 40 days now.

Today contacted with agent and he said still panding.

Let's hope for the best and inform me when you get any response from your agent.

Did u check enjaz website for visa status?

No, can you please send me the link of enjaz website....

Thanks try search for visa using e number and passport number etc.

The link is not visible try search on google. When u r done with the search please let us know.

Dear kk khan, m still waiting for the contract, i contacted the company and they have said this week will finish authorization

Dear KKhan

What is your profession? I mean which visa did you apply for? Engineer or something else?

Salam to everyone,

I have also applied for visa stamping on Dec 29th, 2014  from Saudi Embassy in Karachi. I am also waiting for the response. My agent told me that he will get my passport in one or two days whenever I call him. Now third week is going to end. I am also worried.
I got job offer in Aug 2014. I got objection after two months of degree submission in saudi cultural. Then I cleared the objection from HEC. Then again submitted the degree in saudi cultural, after attestation i submitted in saudi embassy and then my medical got expire after three months. After attestation from Saudi embassy, I again did the medical test and then finger prints and now I am waiting for visa stamping.

My agent called me right now and told me that there is a semi govt. company between agency and embassy. Agency submit the passport to semi govt. company and then that company submit the passport to embassy. There are lots of pending cases in that company and that company submit around 200 passport at a time to embassy and when embassy process these passports then again the company submit the another 200 passport. When the passport submitted in embassy then it will take 5 to 7 working days for processing.
Ask your agents that have passport submitted in embassy or the passport is in that company.

Dear ali raza , i recommend you to track the status of ur visa on enjaz website with the help of e number and passport number.

Thanks for your reply. Can you please tell me which option (Searching for) I have to select for it?

2nd option "Issued visa with application number"

I have tried many times with this option and every time I got error "Error Ocuured please try again"

Ok this means that ur visa is still pending. You better wait till this option gives u a visa number. After the website shows u the visa number u will hopefully get the passport through ur agent.

Thanks for the guidance.

Dear All,

you guys are getting concered about passports submitted in last week of december. mine have been submitted since 16th Dec but still i have not heard from them. my agent has told me that there is a lot of backlog at the embassy and the consular has also changed and he is not trusting any of his team. seems like karachi is bigger problem. hence the delay. last person i know got his visa in 25 days but that was 2 months ago. that timeline is worst now. i think all of our agents are telling us their own stories with no way to verify the real issue. anyways, lets keep ourselves updated with who ever get their visa first.


hello friends,

after medical and degree attestation done from saudi culture and much time embassy takes to stamp visa from Islamabad, Pakistan ?

when we can resign from current there is one month notice for me.


From islamabad it takes less time. I guess around 3-4 days but it reallu depends on the individual case.

My profession is insurance surveyor.

Insurance Surveyor

Dear drkhn,

This webstie is showing "error occurred please try again".....

Please help me to track from any other way...


Today, I contacted with my agent and he informed me that since 15 days they have not get any visa stamp.

My agent is in Lahore and he is coming to Karachi on this sunday to discuss all pending issues. I will keep all update with the latest situation.