Any British Expats in Houston? Have you found it hard to make friends?

I moved to the states back in 2008 to study abroad, and along my journey met my husband, so now i permanently reside in the USA southeast of Houston. I have met people in my years being here, but not really anyone i have made strong friendships with like i had in my country of birth.

I was wondering if anyone else has found this while living abroad? I made a facebook group for other British Expats, but a lot of the members although extremely nice are a lot older than me (50's), and i am only 25 and would like to meet some people my own age.

I have also created a meetup group in my area and have lots of member but not many are actually RSVP'ing to the event i have scheduled, although i know these things can take time. I have also just finished university, so i am hoping a search for a career will open me up to meet other people.

I am hoping that some people do end up coming to the meetup event, although i feel it is always pretty hit or miss with meeting complete strangers incase you have nothing in common, but on the flip side you could meet some people and make some great friendships. I guess the whole meeting complete strangers is just very new to me, and i am a little nervous.

hahaha. i think you are shy

Hi I live inthe League City areas know what tyou are feeling.althoygh after 30 years it has gotten better. I think it takes time. There is a fairly large amount of UK expats in the Clear Lake area.
It is also amazing how you me expats out of the blue 'listen' foe accents in line at the grocery store etc you will be amazed were we Brits turn up.
I realise you are looking for people more your own age, but give some older  people a chance, it possible they have a  daughter although allow raised in the US is very imeresed in UK culture.
I also belong to Daughters of the British Empire an organisation which raises money for charity. I belong to the Sir Malcom Sargent Chapter which meets in the Clear area and close around.
There are also other chapters in different areas of Houston. Our members vary a lot in age e have 3 teenager 16 to 18 and obviously some much older members think average age would be 50sh but have recently had some younger ladies join. We would love to visit one of our monthly meeting usual on. a Wednesday evening. Although we work hard on fund raisers for our charities we also do fun things.
A group of us went to see the Magna Carta on then had a fun lunch, a few ladies are getting together Saturaday to see that new movie about the code breakers In England during WW 11 often it's just come have a cuppa and gossip. I wish I had join much earlier than I did.
If this group would interest you I would be happy to meet and take you to the next meeting or if you would like to meet for coke or whatever let me know.
I will admit to being 61 but feel  as many  people my age our out look on life is with younger eyes. Think about it let me know. When do you plan to have your meet up let me have the info.
Happy New year a lets work on finding you some UK friends.

Hi there,

I know your message was YEARS ago, but by any chance are you still living in Houston? xx

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