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Hi Everyone,

I have been in Doha just over 2 months. So far I've met some great people. Within 2 days my closest friends here have gone back home and already feeling quite isolated as we spent everyday in each others pockets.

I am a fun, sociable person, who loves going out, or lazy day by the pool etc. Id say I'm pretty laid back when it comes to getting along with people.

Would love to meet like-minded people and make even more amazing friends. Available for coffees, drinks, nights out, taking up new activities or hobbies etc. I work full time so i can't make any day events, but would love to meet like minded people

Get in touch :)


Hi sam im new here and im trying to make a new friends ...  :sosad: and u know spend new year alone hmmm that's not a good idea so if u want we can do something... let me know c u


Why it's nice guys

Hope you doing good.can we share activities like tennis.jogging,movies or photography

have a good day

Why not!

Edward :)

Hello sam
it would it also be great for me too to have a new friends
you can contact me on here if you want

Hi i'd like to meet some new people  too :)

Me too...wondering what fun things are happening tonight, this weekend or anytime in next few weeks.  Any suggestions?


Me too... would love to meet new people, wondering how fast it will be?

What about trader vics tonight?


GB Consulting :

Hey new also in Doha.
Let me know if there is any drink planned :) i'm in

Hi Samantha,

i can see no body replied, may be me and you are the only two lonely souls in planet qatar :).

Hi good morning,

Am living in Doha and am looking to make new friends :)

Am from the UK and have been for nearly 4 years, but with this ever transient lifestyle friends come and go, in this ever changing circle.

Anyway, hope you are all enjoying the lovely weather at the moment.


Suggestions time is up, now make decision when and where to meet & greet

Please raise your hand who are willing to join me for movie , my treat

Hi Sam and all,

I am a French, over-educated woman who fell in love with super laid-back Canadian lifestyle while living in Ontario.
Now I just moved to Doha last week on my own, and I'm looking forward to discovering Qatar and meeting people.
I'm pretty easy-going although shy, I'd love to make friends and get an active social life. Take up random hobbies. Chill.


Hi Marine,

Warm greetings and welcome to sunny Doha.

Hi Marine,Welcome To Doha

I'm up for some activities. I am fond of going outside the city on weekends, just relax and enjoy the wonderful weather. Lately, I've been going to some shisha place, or just sip a hot karak in Bandar (corniche area), or go find some good and reasonable food place in town. Coffee, night outs, or just an easy night, almost anything.

Anybody want to propose a meeting time and place?

In the same boat as everyone on here! Moved to Doha 2 days ago, and looking to meet new people and see the city.

Can we get someone who's familiar with Doha to suggest a place? I'm happy to organise things from there.

Hi! 😊

Hi Sam
Good day, how are you doing? are still in Qatar?

hello, me too in Doha looking to make new

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Hello folks,

I will be moving to Qatar from Canada early in the new year, I have read all posted messages so far, these posts are really helpful for someone like me who have had no idea about the life in Qatar.

I would be looking for friends to hangout.

See you soon

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