Need Honest Auto Mechanic in Subang Jaya

I have been here for a couple of weeks and have purchased a used car off of Mudah; it needs a little work (it has trouble starting-maybe spark plugs or problem with fuel injection).  So far, no mechanic has been able to help me and they will not listen at all.  I keep spending money but nothing gets done (250 RM to tell me that the problem is NOT the radiator?  Seriously?  I told them a dozen times that it was not the radiator). Some have been downright awful and I am now receiving daily phone calls from a mechanic who wants to take me for dates.


Is there an honest mechanic in Subang Jaya that speaks English and will help?  Also, where can one go for car supplies (like an AutoZone type place); I can do a bit of work myself if only I could find a place for filters, spark plugs, etc.

Thank you!

Sorry to have to write this, but you need to take a male associate along with you to stop all this bull. A friend of a colleage who speaks BM would be even better.

Unfortunately women are consistently subjected to this type of intrusion and disrespect. Agree a price upfront for any analysis or work carried out.

Take a look at this as a place to start. … /717804363

I dont know what car you bought in the end, but the first questions to ask are "do you have spare parts for this kind of car" and "have you ever fixed this type of car". Unfortunately because of "face" unless you ask this directly, they will tinker with your car, charge you, but have no intention of being able to assist you.  Welcome to Asia!

I often resort to writing notes and using a translator to put them into BM and Cantonese:

I know one person in usj1 side. Contact me If you need his contact details. 0122495724

Thanks; I've got a guy right now who is ok and my car is up and running again.  I will contact you if or when I need again! Thank you!

Hi Rachel,

May I know which mechanic you went to, for your car in the end?

I hope you can help me, because I m facing the same problem as you did, right now.

A million thanks, in advance.

If you've trouble, try my mate Ah Soo at ET Tyre And Battery Service, 87, Jalan SS 15/5a, Subang Jaya, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor. He opens at 830AM but he usually opens up a bit earlier. Nice man and he doesn't give a toss who's female or male.

Old cars can be tricky as replacement parts are sometimes fake. I used to own a Beetle, so... lots of hassle. Ah Soo is honest and if something isn't right, you can go back and he'll fix it.

Also, there's Wok and Wuff right around the corner. The dog friendly cafe. Great coffee and Kim, my neighbour, has a good cook. It opens at 10AM but is closed Mondays. If you go there for breakfast/lunch, Ah Soo will call when your car is ready.

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