American living in Reims


I moved to Reims this past September 2014 and looking for other English speakers to meet and maybe become friends.


Hey Armand,

I'm also an American living in Reims and I moved here this fall too!


Hi Armand and Tayla,

It's has been a while since your posts...

I am American too and moved to Reims recently. If either of you get this maybe we could meet up!??


Hi Rebeca

I'm Shannon -- an American too. I've been living in France for 3 years now. I'd love to meet if you'd like.

Let me know!



Not sure how often everyone checks in here but I'm new, I've been living in Reims for a year now and would love to meet and talk to other anglophones! If anyone is interested in meeting up for a coffee....?


Hi Louise,

It's always a pleasure meeting new people. I'd love to meet up for coffee if you are interested!


Are you still living at Reims? If yes, still looking for friends?

Yes yes yes!! But I'm on holidays until the end of the month, so not in Reims for a little while.  Maybe à la rentrée if you have some time (both Shannon and Astrid!)?  Louise

Hi All,
I am working for an English school in south of France but searching high and low for an English native speaker to teach classes for a couple companies in Reims and another in nearby Chalons en Champagne.
The details are as follows:
Reims: One individual for 45h of face to face training
Chalons: Mulitple groups with 35h each, classes on
Monday & Friday from 11-15h
Both would be professionally focused lessons. Starting in September.
If you are interested or know of anyone who might be I would be grateful it if you could contact me here or by email saraniblockhyman[at]
Looking forward to hearing from you and thanks in advance for any help!!
Kind regards,
Sara Dechaume

Hi Louise,

I'll be available at the beginning of September after the holidays as well. Let me know when you'd like to meet up!

Till then!


Hi All,
Originally, I`m coming from Gdansk in Poland and have been living in Reims since May 2014. I was living in Germany for four years and in Japan for almost five before coming to France. I would love to meet for a cup of coffee and chat a bit about our experience living here... perhaps to do some sport activity like inline-skating, cycling etc..

Hi Shannon,
JUst in case you haven't received my emails, it would be great to chat! Please feel free to call at **** or send your contact info.
Take care!

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Hi Sara Dechaume > you should please post your job offer in the teaching jobs in Reims section as this thread is about meeting other English speaking people and make friends ;)Thank you very much.

HI Christine,
Thanks! I am doing that now! I sometimes post in new threads when struggling to find a candidate as I know people are reading there and might need a job or know someone who does, but posting an ad is also very helpful :-)

Hey I'm Aussie and will be moving to Reims in a few months with my family. Would love to meet some new friends if you ladies organise something in the future. It's hard finding rental apartments in Reims, wish me luck.

Welcome in Reims :)
Regarding the flat rental, perhaps you can have a try MARCILLE IMMOBILIER
9 Place Royale - 51100 REIMS Tél. - Fax marcille.immobilier[at]
There is a French girl spiking English there and she found really nice flat for me - everything went smooth with her.
Probably you will need to find a school for your kids and this is really tough. Just from my experience: before you will make any step you will need to have accommodation first (permanent address in Reims).   
Good luck

Thanks heaps Damien. I'll definitely check out the link you gave me. Yah nothing is easy in France - especially the administration.

I see you are a Haruki fan? What did you think about kafka on the shore?

:) Well, there is kind of specific mystery in his novels which I didn’t find in any other Japanese/non-Japanese writers. Actually, it is very difficult to describe what exactly special in his books is… I guess it’s a mixture of culture, sexuality, plus religious tradition, all together crating and sustaining this specific sense of mood and melancholy. I found that in all his books except one: “Underground”. I was actually living there for almost 5 years and it was interesting for me to read about something you can touch by yourself :)
Any recommendations for French writers?

Wow were you studying or working there? I spent a year as an exchange student studying the language and had the best time learning about its culture and everything. I def like his books!
No, I don't know any French writers nor books translated to English that I can get my hands on, but yes it would be nice to read French literature to know more about the culture.

Hi, I'm french and I live in Reims.
I would like to meet English speakers for a cup of coffee and talk a bit to improve my english.
I can give advices or help new arrivals.


I've been living in Epernay (20 mins from Reims) for about 4 months now and would love to meet and talk to other anglophones! If anyone is interested in meeting up for a drink, message me!!

Calvin Hyacinth


My name is Vanessa and I worked for a Business School in Reims. At the end of August, I will welcome new foreign teachers (8+families) who speak only English. In order to help them settle down here in Reims I tried to find doctors, veterinarians, dentist, lawyers … who speak English and it’s really complicated. So I was hoping you could help with that, if you know a doctor or a dentist or a pediatrician, or a veterinarian who speak English I would really appreciate if you could give me his/her details. Thanks again for your help!!! Have a nice day!

Good question! I've been living in Reims for five months now and I too would love to know such information, especially in times of emergency, ER or number to home doctors?

If anyone is also interested in meeting up, do a picnic in the park or something I can try to organise something too.


Hi all,

I just discovered this forum, im an English guy, been living just outside Reims for the past year.
Would be great to meet some English speakers.


I have lived in Reims for 6 yrs,would love to meet for coffee. **. The Grand cafe is the best meeting spot.See you soon? no trick or treat


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Best place to meet is TheGrande Cafe. Your time,your dime.I' meet you  there. Date and time


Hi Louise,

I am free for a coffee if your still in Reims. Not sure how often everyone checks this?

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