CFO in Dammam

Hi All. I am Nicholas from South Africa. I received an offer as CFO from a company in Dammam. The monthly salary is SR30K plus car, housing, medical and bonus every quarter.
Is this a good or average offer?

Your input will be appreciated

Its  an Excellant offer you would not get that in SA if you compare...

But u will get  better In Europe ...


Its an Excellent offer

Depends on how big the company is. Consultants in my team earn more than that ! You are meant to be a CFO.

that is a  good offer.
best of  luck

From what I know, that offer is above-average.

If you think about what your monthly income can do for a family here in KSA, you can do so much considering that housing, gas, and other basic needs are cheap. That said, I think you got a good offer.

Hi Nic, thats a good offer, take it buddy, where in SA do you come from? I'm from JHB, let me know when you come over

Thanks for all your input. It helps with making my decision

Good offer , but still , depends on the company and their pay structure :)


It is a very good offer. Go for it. But check once that the firm must have offshore business!!

All the best!!

It is really good. But there are some companies pay more for the position of CFO. It depends on the company need & size and your experience.

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