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I'm applying for a visa through the Cambodian embassy, since I've been told we won't be able to get a one way flight if we don't have a visa before leaving.
I will apply for a business visa. My question is when it asks for duration of stay, should I put 30 days or the 12 months we are planning on staying?
My understanding is that they only issue the visa for 30 days and then you have to renew it for longer periods.
It also asks for an address during the visit. Do I just put the address of the guest house we usually stay at? We haven't booked accommodation yet as we don't have a confirmed date. And since we are planning to stay long term we aim to rent a house.
Thanks for your help!

Hi, if I'm not wrong, either tourist or business visa, the maximum duration of stay is the same. you may check with the embassy. On the address, just google any hotel or guest house will do, no confirmation of booking is required.

Thanks kitthy. I believe both tourist and business visas are initially valid for 30 days but I don't think the tourist visa can be extended while the business visa can be. The embassy suggested applying for the business visa. My question was really about the duration of the visa, whether I initially apply for a 30 day or the 12 months we're hoping to stay. And when it asks for departure date whether I put the date 30 days from entry or 12 months from entry. It probably seems like a minor thing, I just want to try and do it correctly and not jeapordise our chances of approval.

If You want a Visa just go to the travel agency  and pay for it and they will take care of it.

What I heard before ( earlier this year) you can get travel visa or business visa that easy even no return ticket. But they change that lately, the reason they are asking for return trip ticket and If you be
coming here to work they will ask for the proper documentation also.
If your purpose is just to travel here, short time... then go get a return trip ticket and ask an agent or on line to do a visa for travel for you,
If you make it longer, then your reason is work, they might ask proper
documentations from school or company.

This is what I have read from the other blogs in other sites.
Hope you get you things done right.

isang_hamak I have been to the travel agency and unfortunately they don't do long term visas.

chococambo, our plan is to stay for a year. We want to volunteer mostly. But we are not hooked up with any NGOs at this stage. We are looking into options.

Thanks for replying.

You can pm me... and I tell you a way.

You get in with or a tourist vusa or a regular visa.a tourist visa can be prolongued for 1 month,a regular can be prolonged for 3m,6m or 1y.the visa you can buy online us a touristvisa.the rest is easy to get at the border.touristvisa is 30$,a regular is 35$.if you have a regular ,then you can go to a travelagent inside cambodia to get it prolonged,this takes about 285$ and 3 working days.

Hi, I heard that the visa rules were changing and that proof of business purpose would be required in the future.

Has this happened yet? I have used business visas before and know to get them extended via local travel agent. Or has nothing changed in the past few months? Planning next trip! Thanks.

They are makinv new visas like retirement visa but that is for for now it stays the same but everybody who is working need a an old lae but niw they are implementing it.

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