any ham radio ops here

Looking for info on Ham radio in Cambodia on licenses I have full UK and Canadian can I setup long term there

looking forward to your reply

That may be of help, but there may be problems produced by local paper pushers.
I'm a G-0, and have all the required paperwork to get my Indonesian licence, but they insist on a recommendation letter from the British embassy in Jakarta, something that doesn't exist, and isn't required anyway (according to the local Amateur radio body).

One ray of hope of hope is echolink. Easy to download and and an emailed copy of your licence gets you the passwords you need.
Not quite the same, but I use it from time to time.


Hay guys Ex vk2 here can ether of you pm me need some help on setting up UHF's in work Utes an tractors over there an not wanting to upset the law if I take/use 477mhz from oz

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