Finding flat for two people

Hello. I am planning to move to Budapest with a friend of mine. So we will be looking for an apartment to rent with two rooms so that each of us can have a bit of space (or, at the very least, with a bed for one and a sofa bed for the other).

I wanted to ask what the prices for rent would tend to be in a decent part of town.

Also, I think what we may need to do is to maybe find an apartment through an agency or Air BnB for a month or so, while we look for a long-term deal. I found this agency, which does not seem bad, but are there any others people would recommend. Thanks!  :)


You can also try this link:

Good luck.

Hi Budapest rent ripped my boyfriend and I off terribly. Don't trust them!

There are loads of good forums on Facebook. Also the page that Hungarian people use is:

The rent really depends on the quality of the apartment. We live near Parliament in a one bedroom and it is 120,000 a month with bills and common cost. Make sure you ask for price with 'common cost' as some people tell you the rent only. Good luck!

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