Moving to Salzburg: any tips?

Hi,  :cheers:

I'm from Portugal and i'm considering relocating to Salzburg. I have heard that the cost of living is very high in Austria, specially in Salzburg…
My partner is in negotiations to get a job in the city and i'm trying to gather info regarding costs of living (rent, market, transportation, etc.) and job market for non german speakers. 

I do not speak german, so i have no idea if this is an absolute requirement to get a job in Salzburg. I have experience as a casting production assistant for tv and publicity, management and administration and team supervision. Is there any agency or website where i could search for jobs in this area?

I'm also a dj and music producer, is Salzburg a city with good clubs and active nightlife?

Any info would be much appreciated.


Try for cost of living.

Will try. Thanks!  :)

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