How to say "promotion" in Vietnamese ?

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I have a problem. After checking dictionnaries, I can't find the right Vietnamese word for "promotion", in the meaning of "promotion of a destination/a country" for eg. It's to reply to a company.

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In the meaning ( to promote a product ) you can use : Quảng cáo or Thúc đẩy.
In the meaning ( get a promotion ) I propose : Được tăng chúc or được tăng cấp
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Hi Kim tuyen

You CAN writte : khuyến mãi  ,if you have for exemple 50% of " promotion".

Yes Khuyển mãi is correct to promote merchandises  in a shop by a price reduction.
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"Promotion" could be translated into Vietnamese as "xúc tiến quảng bá/khuyến mãi/thúc đẩy/thăng tiến.." depending on each context. Its meaning in the phrase "promotion of a destination/a country" = "xúc tiến quảng bá một điểm đến du lịch/đất nước".

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In the context you're giving, it's "quảng bá cho một điểm đến/một đất nước" (I believe you're reading article about tourism).

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