yoga sessions


anyone to join me practice yoga early morning at mt choisy beach.....


hi! that's a wonderful idea. too bad i can't participate (i'm not far but i have no means of transportation) but i still wanted to say it's truly a great thing and i hope you manage to do it.  :top:

I hope to join you when my foot steps into MU

where the exact place n wt time...

Hi nocturna may be we can organise some sessions in trou aux biches beach also for your convenience if you are truely interested.

Teragheb plz keep in touch, wish you join my friend.

Lanka wick, will inform u soon, may be next week will start, the week starting 08 December, the only issue is that there is geneal election in that week, hope the environment is calm...

Will update soon.....

hope we get maximum participants

pramsham :

Teragheb plz keep in touch, wish you join my friend.

Thank you Pramsham, sure I will get in touch when I make it.

hey all still waiting for more people to join in the mroning yoga sessions... plz dnt hesitate to contact me

Hi! Are people still practicing yoga at Choisy?

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