New to Forum and Looking for American Conversation!

Hi All,

I am living south of Vienna in a small village called Breitenau with my husband and Maltese dog, Houdini.  We are internet marketers and my Austrian husband inherited his family home.  We spend half time in Florida and the other half here in Austria.

I am looking for Americans to share some conversation and fun ... my German is spotty ... getting better, but I would love to "hook up" with some Americans to share food, fun and friendship.

I am a blogger so you can visit:  to see some of our latest Austrian adventures

Hello dclarke,
A late welcome to, sorry about this (I only see your message today).
Did you meanwhile check out the Network of Americans in Austria?

Hi - I am not american - sorry - rather Australian - new to Vienna looking to make some new contacts - working at the UN = female - travel a lot for work - lived in Canada - Indonesia Trinidad - now Vienna

Geesh, I hear you. I'm craving an english conversation too. I moved here July of this year. I still haven't seen anybody from an english speaking country yet. But then again, I'm in a small village. Come see my blog and say hi.


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