Filipino teacher desperate to work in Bahrain

Hello everyone! Salam! I've been searching teaching job in Bahrain. I'm a Filipina and I find it difficult to find a teaching job in Bahrain. However I'm  not giving up in finding a job. I still have 3 months to find a job there or else I have to stay here in Singapore to teach. Is there anyone who could help me finding a teaching job in Bahrain? Thank you so much and I will appreciate any help.

Dear JMLA,

Kindly post under this link to get a better response for your request.

Good luck!


You can also try websites like Search Associates - but now that the year is underway it will be difficult.  International schools ask for commitments on the upcoming year as early as...well, jobs will start opening up soon.

You may also contact schools to see if they have room on their substitute list.  Many international schools are in a very real need of quality substitute teachers.

Best of luck finding what you are looking for!

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