study visa to belguim

i am a student at the university of dschang and i have a bachelor degree in biochemistry and i am looking for a visa to travel to Belgium to continue my studies

I got a student visa to study in Belgium, and even though I am from the U.S., the procedure will be similar.  This is because we are both seeking to study in the same place, Belgium, so the rules will be dictated by Belgium law.

I found this website which may be useful to you … meroon.htm

The first order of business is to apply and be accepted into a university there.  You will also have to have a background check performed by your legal authority (in my case it was the FBI), a health screening to include TB testing, proof that you are financially able to pay for your schooling.  I would wait on the background check and the health screening, because if you get them done too early you will just have to go back and get them done again.

So, get accepted into the university first, and get the letter that says you are accepted.  After that, you can work on the other stuff.

i am a Cameroonian and i do study at the university of Dschang, i have a bachelor degree in biochemistry and looking fr the cheapest University in Belgium for a master program in toxicology and pharmacology which where my major options.

You have to do your research friend.. Use the resources above, compare the course structure, fees, etc in various universities and then make the decision.

Have you considered going into the health field (medicine, nursing, medical technology, etc.)?  You will probably find more options and more scholarships available to you.  I notice that you are from West Africa.  I think you might find it more difficult than other students to find a position, due to the Ebola outbreak.  More difficult perhaps, but not impossible!  Good luck!

Hi  there,
I belong to nepal .i  want to live in belgium by working on my own. Will student visa assure me abt tht or not?
I hv no idea how to get working visa ? For wat kind of skills working visasa will help me to go belgium?

Am sincerely looking fr responses


A student visa is only giving during the study and nothing else. It means when you graduate your student visa will be expired.

A working visa is only trough the employer when he can proves that he need someone from outside Belgium.
You can think in case of specific education or exceptional skills.

For more information I advise you to read the sticky topic "Important link" on the main page.

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