Help on finding a price on motorcycles

Hey guys new to all this,

I'm currently in Australia, I go to Vietnam every year, and next year I'll be going to Vietnam for 3 months, I would like to know how much are the motorcycles there, exp of type of bikes I'm talking about "Yamaha R6, Kawasaki ninja 300ex, honda cbr 600rr ?" And do you guys know how I would go about getting my motorcycle license there ?? Cheers for the help

** how much do motorcycles like thought type cost?**


Pls check google you will have common price for every bike. What you need to pay attention is the pictures of bikes, year of product and price.


Getting a Vietnamese driver's license to drive above 170 CC is not easy in my knowledge  :)
Second hand CBR 600CC

Yamaha R6

Kawazaki Ninja 300

Yes so I've been, I've already got my car and a1 license, and now I have to go in to convert my motorbike license to get a2 onto my vietnamese license, which they already approved. As my visa is a 5 year visa.

Thanks guys for your help!!! Found the price I'll be looking at

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