Pets problem

Hi everyone!
We are a family with 3 pets (2 cats and a big dog) and are moving from Cyprus to Bratislava at the end of October.
We'll need to stay in a hotel for a while, and the animals cannot be kept there.
I have been searching - without any luck so far - for a place where our pets could be looked after (like a kennel or a private person) until we find a place to rent.
If anyone could help in any way, we would be very very grateful, as it is not easy to find such things via the internet! Any link would help..
Thank you :)

Here is contacs details for cats hotel close to Bratislava … pre-macky/

and here are few hotels for dogs

Thank you so much for this extra-quick reply!
Will check your links now :)

i just found the links in slovak language, so I don't know if will be useful for you, if you'll need help, do not hesitate to contact me

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