Preparing for a move in 12 months!

Hello Community-

I am an American currently living in Washington, DC. I am preparing to make a move in about 12 months to Cambodia. I fell in love with the country and am ready to leave the US.  I have 12 months to prepare for the move, but I'm at a loss as to what I need to do to prepare!

Currently I am saving so I will have a large nest egg to float me for about 6-8 months of living expenses in case it takes me that long to find work. I'm also going to get my CELTA certification before I move so that I may find work as an English teacher. My boyfriend, who was born in Cambodia, but has French nationality, is also preparing to move there with me. He hopes to open a business of some kind.

I need advice as what I should be doing now (besides saving money and working on my CELTA certification) that will make the transition easier. I have loads of time, but no direction as to what I should be researching!

Thanks for any adivce you have to offer or tips on preparing for the move.

I appreciate it!


Hello Alicia and welcome to

While waiting for some members to give you out some tips how to better prepare yourself, I invite you to read out the threads in our section : Tips for Moving to Cambodia to gather some useful information.

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