Is this a good salary for an ESL Teacher?

Hi everyone,

I'm very sorry to be posting this if the topic has been covered.
I'm a native English speaker with a Bachelors degree, CELTA qualification.
I'm wondering - how does this job look?

11,500SR per month.
36 Hour week (2 shifts a day)
No other benefits - no vacation pay, no flight ticket, no transport - until they get a new driver.

Also can someone explain to me the re-introduction of "work permits" from the Ministry of Education instead of iqama transfer. How does it work?

Don't go for less than 14k,  stand your ground,  I did and won.

If they really need you they Will agree,  if they don't there are plenty of other recruitment agencies.

Good Day

IPlease do NOT accept this job offer..the hours are ridiculous as well as the compensation!!!Al

ALL Companies are forced (according to Labour Law) to give Expats a mediacl Aid fund,
Housing allowances and travel allowances are ALWAYS part of a package.
A RETURN plain ticket as well.

Please, for your own sake, rather make use of reputable agent,I have the contact details of a very good one - but not sure if she would like me  to advertise on :))

i ll be happy to give it to you vis e-mail. my e-mail addy = ssvanrooyen5[at]gmail,com


Check out milandrevanr

My mistake. They said the 11,500SR is inclusive of housing and travel (although I will have to provide my own travel until they get the new driver). It includes medical aid.

Definite no, then?


It will be a good salary if you it can be exclusive of just about everything. (They should give a CLEAR brakedown: how much they are deducting for rent etc )

Transport are VERY expensive in Riyadh and there are no public transport system and you will have to use taxi s,  I doubt it if they ll give you a PRIVTAE dirver. Teachers never get a Private driver. I worked in a Palace as a Manager and had to share one with my boss - the Princess lol    ...but this is besides the point :))

AND .................. NEVER  rely on " promises"  - like the "driver" - either they do it NOW OR ...............

Sorry for sounding so forceful but oh my WORD........ I ve been there and ...... rather use a Recruiter..Like I said. They know how to negotiate and they know which schools can be trusted.


!!!!Never rely on promises!!!!, well thats right said, I agree with you on that nassie,
Get everything written, stamped, signed and fully attested,
and rather than that, just try get hooked up in a well known company & put your brains on rest.

if you won't transfer your Iqama on that company, I would say why not make some cash, go for it, and keep lookin , (if Iqama-Residency won't be transfered on them)

For transportations it's average of 40 to 80 riyal per day I guess, depending on how close you're gonna be to work.
so , should be about 1200 to 2400 riyal/month.

To sum up,
go for it, as a temporary position, But dont transfer your iqama with them, not to get stuck there.

Best of luck

Hi sorry i didn't get something here. No benefits other than salary. Are you here as individual or with husband. In the first case you are under their sponsorship which allow you to get all benefits house, insurance, ticket etc... If you still on your husband visa they will ask to transfer your sponsorship. Until that will be done they can play with it and refuse to give you full benefits.
I hope I'm not late and someone else was helpful.
Take care.

I'm currently under my fathers sponsorship. They want to get me a work permit which requires no iqama transfer.

The only benefit is medical aid and the school driver - which I have not seen yet

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