Nationality option for mix marriage's child

Hey all. I kinda need some advice. I'm Indonesian who married to Chinese and currently living in Japan. (Might be permanently live here). I'm pregnant with our first child now and a bit worried about the baby's nationality.

Japanese nationality is our first choice but since Japan is a jus sanguinis state (meaning that it attributes citizenship by blood but not by location of birth), it will hard for us to apply Japanese nationality for the baby.

My husband prefer the baby to have Chinese nationality, actually it is not a big problem for me. However, if the baby become Chinese, the baby must have chinese name (chinese character) stated in the passport and the place of birth will be stated the same as the father's birth place instead of baby's actual place of birth. It just makes no sense to me at all. By all means, the baby have to 'lie' for the rest of his/her life. Secondly, living in Japan as a foreigner is not easy, by not having Japanese name, it will make the baby's life even harder.

Meanwhile, if the baby has an Indonesian nationality, The baby can have Japanese name in alphabet. ( the same as Japanese's in their passport). And everything that stated in the passport will be based on the truth.

Anybody who has/had the same problem as me? Any solution?

Thank you.

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