Living in the Marcel Thiry/av Yorkshire area?

How convenient is it to live in the Marcel Thiry/avenue Yorkshire area in Woluwe Saint Lambert in Brussels? In terms of transport (public transport, traffic jams to go to the centre?), infrastructure, green spaces, safety, etc.?

I have an opportunity to move there but would like to get some feedback (I'm concerned that it's a bit on the outskirts..). Thank you.

Hello folks, I'm new here and would really like to know the same, as I'm considering moving to that area. Is there really no one familiar with the area?


I've understood it can be ok, BUT there can be several problems: (i) poor construction of some new houses (bad (sound) isolation, leakages, etc), (ii) huge traffic jams in the mornings to go to the centre, (iii) noise from landing airplanes.

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