Can i marry a saudi man?

ArafatBaunto :

If you marry because of financial reason? Think about it many times before making decisions

I dont see anybody mentioning financial matters here. But anyway, good intention is the best way.  :top:



Zawja... Yes you can marry!

where are you from?
and where do you live now?

Shiekina :

Mkikisali narin po. Hi everyone. I have also an affair with saudi for almost a year. Sad thing is he is younger than me but both young too. He is 23 graduating med school. We met in ksa, his family found a girl twice to marry him. But my he refused it. We are both young indeed, he really want to finish his studies so his family can't do anything to his decisions about marrying a foreigner. We do have hopes that someday we will be together, but sometimes thinking how hard to marry a saudi guy not less than 40y.o kills me.

His parents may or may not approve but the one with the final say is the Amarah. If you are both destined to be, then you'll end up with each other.

Galia Sena :

as-salaam alaikum, I hear the rules change in 2016, wat I can do? :(

My husband applied last year (2017) when he was 30 and got the approval.  The best thing is for your Saudi man to go to the Amarah and see for himself what are the rules.

Yes you can... im a filipino married to a saudi woman!
I know each and every step and if your really want to marry this guy, its not simple but destiny prevails.


Salam brother,

My name is Dalia and I am from Saudi Arabia, I read your reply on the subject “ Can I marry a Saudi man?” Posted five years ago. I was wondering if you could kindly advise on my current situation, I have been trying to marry an American man for 4 years but I have realized it’s almost impossible to get married in Saudi because of all the silly rules. I have also tried Bahrain however  the Bahraini court informed me that I can’t marry there unless I work or live there.

Do you know any other countries that we can get married?

Thank you and best regards

it's so easy now to marry for both sides
just an application to fill then wait your turn
unless if you have any issues?

It’s so easy to get married where? And what kind of issues are you referring too?

Age Requirements Increased For Saudis Marrying Non-Saudis (40 For Men And 30 For Women)

What do you suggest I do?

You as a Saudi woman must go with your mahram personally to the emarah of your city and inquire about the marriage permission. If they tell you it is not possible, you might need wasta.

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