Hepatitis B

Hello friends,

I visited dubai on 2007 and got job from one advertisement company but unfortunately my visa got rejected the medical reason of hebatitis b infection.

I tried to apply tourist visa on last month but got rejected again with same reason.It shows banned.Could you please guide me how to remove ban and enter as tourist. Any possibilities?


Please kindly help to answer my question, is supermarket or convenience store included in 6 categories for hepa b exemptions? Thank you for your help.

Brother Jamshid,
I  really  appreciate your efforts on sharing  information on Hep B rule and all the guidance. I only have one query does this 6 category rule is implemented in Abu dabhi as well. As I  have job offer from Abu Dabhi as System Administrator. I am in IT profession  and I will be working for IT Company situated in Abu Dabhi. So kind of worried. Please help me as how to go about it. I  come from poor family and have many responsibilities being the eldest and HBsag +ve only with carriers.

Your any form of help is highly appreciated.
Jazakaallah hu khair


No it’s not , u can work in admin job , but u can’t work in F&B industries (Food handling).


Brother Waqas, I didn't really understood the answer well, is the rule hep b implemented in Abu Dhabi on six categories  only?
And does this rule effects on IT professional working for IT company?


For hep B there is no issue ,by the way I got hep B also and working in UAE since 9 years in auditing/Accounting field,

Brother Waqas

Jazak Allahu khairan,...How should I go about it, when I will land in Abu Dhabi? Whom should I talk to about this before going for medical? is there any precautions that I should be aware of. Please assist me in this regards.

May Allah give you best of both the worlds.


No need to discuss abt this with anyone, Jus go through ur normal medical lab test (blood test n Xray), InshaAllah u ll pass ur medical test,

Brother one of my friend spoke to uae embassy on this hep b test news. They are saying go to gumca and they will do what needs to be done. Not proper answer.

Hi Sagar

I read your post asking for info on getting the ban lifted and I might have some useful info as I am trying to get the same ban lifted for my sister.

Let me know if you are still trying  I get back to dubai and if you have any relatives here who can meet with relevant authorities to discuss your case and submit the documents?


Can you completely guide how you remove travel ban for hepatitis b??

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