Welcome to marseille

Hi everyone,

We are an english/french couple looking to meet new friends in the area :)

After 3 years travelling and working in Australia we are now back in Europe to settle for a few months.

Alex's French is still a bit weak but he is getting better and better. It would be good for him to meet some english speaking friends to feel a bit less "lost" in this new French world lol.

We would be Happy to meet anyone for a drink if you fancy it :)

We currently live in the city center :)

Have a good day :)

Alex and charlotte

Hi Alex & Charlotte!
Good to know there are other English/french couples in Marseille!
I moved here last Summer with my girlfriend, and completely understand the 'lost' feeling, and if either of you or Alex fancy a drink let me know (Would be great to enjoy a pint with another Brit)


Hello, I am brazilian and I just arrived in Marseille as well, my girlfriend is french and we used to live in Ireland.

Let me know if u want to take a drink one day in marseille !

have a good day

Hi guys.
My girlfriend and I are as well looking to meet some new people here. I am from Denmark and my girlfriend french but not from Marseille. We been living in Spain for the last couple of years and before that I lived in Portugal. We just arrived to Marseille.
If you could be interested in a meeting we would definitely be up for it.

Best Regards

Hello! I live about an hour north of Marseille and am seriously embarrassed to have not visited the city yet. I plan to go soon. My boyfriend is British and I'm Canadian. Love to meet up for a drink if you're interested!

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