Donghae anyone ???

Just arrived, anyone around ???

Hi 911lost,

Welcome to expat-blog!

An introduction of yourself might be most welcome, and more details about how we might be able to help? Thank you! :)




You are correct.

I'm an english engineer currently working on an assignment in Donghae . I was just wondering am I the only expat around here ?, Ive been before and never seen any 'expat' looking peoples?? maybe there is a hangout / bar where expats meet up ?  I will be travelling down to Changwon later in the month , I think thats a much bigger place and perhaps Ill have more chance to converse with someone there.

As I dont speak Korean - the days get long.

hey there my name is Meriem and i want to go study abroad in england or south korea in two years so i'm hoping to make friends with a lots of people from korea or england to work on my korean and make korean friends and to learn the culture and other things :D looking forward toooo  :kiss:  :kiss:  :kiss:

Well Meriem, If I'm still around I may know places to go and things to do by then, I will gladly show you around - good luck til then ; )

Noone near Donghae then ?    Get here quick Meriem  : )

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