Question about Schengen VISA type D, BNL 2, B6

Hi, I got a Schengen VISA type D,
Valid for BELGIQE
Number of entries : MULTI
Duration of stay: 365 days
and on the remarks written BNL 2, B6 +14/09 - 23/12/2014

my question: Can I travel with this visa to all to EU countries while the residence permit is still in processing??

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You can travel to all Schengen countries with a maximum of three months, valid from the first date of the visa.

B6 means you can stay in Belgium during your scholarship.

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just by any chance, does any one knows if there is any restriction on second visit to schengen should also has to be necessarily form the visa issuing country?

Once you get the residence permit, there is no problem in entering through any schengen border (air)ports.

What I mean, is by entering schengen on visit visa only..

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