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Danish residency but living in Sweden at this moment and I am looking for a job here.
I am trying to convince Denmark that I am entitled to S1 health insurance to cover my health here in Sweden but they are telling me that since I left,I am not entitled to health cover because I do not live or work in Denmark anymore. I have worked and payed taxes in Denmark for the last two years.

The Danish law states that if you decide to leave,you must announce SKAT that you are leaving. They will also take your YellowCard  and everything that comes with it making you an outcast because you do not belong anywhere anymore (i went the legal way and announced that I am leaving). How can I explain that the laws are going against eachother and they dont make any sense? I need the S1 form to get health cover abroad and apply for a Personnummer here in Sweden because right now,I am not insured by anybody and it looks like my right to healthcare is being trashed by the same country in which I payed taxes.

Their refusal goes against the law of announcing your leaving. If you announce your leaving,they will take away everything and tell you that you will only get it if you live there. This law makes you get your health cover and yellow card,avoid to declare and leave silently to keep you rightful benefits. Are they indirectly advising me to register again and take my health insurance and leave without annoucing ?

Route 1 : Respect the law and declare that you are leaving Denmark so that they can take away your yellow card and deregister your address  in Denmark and lose all your rights.
Route 2 : Keep your yellow card,get the S1 health insurance form for health cover abroad and leave the country without declaring.

This simple explanation shows clearly that in order to get your rightful healthcare abroad,you need to break the law and not declare that you are leaving the country.

How can I get my health cover abroad when they are telling me that in order to get the insurance I must live there? ABROAD BUT IN DENMARK? I lack the necessary patience to explain to them that I am only one person and cannot be abroad and in denmark at the same time.

section 25 of the Civil Registration System Act. You cannot be registered as having moved from Denmark to another Nordic country before the other Nordic country has notified your municipality of residence in Denmark that you have been registered as having moved to that country.

According to the law,I am still a resident of Denmark  where I also payed taxes its just that I do not live there physically so how can I not be entitled to health cover abroad? The s1 health for is exactly for people who DO NOT live in Denmark anymore so why would I need to have an adress or live there? I wouldnt need it then,duh!

Are they right for not issuing a s1 health insurance form? I have contacted the EU and they said that Denmark is obliged to cover my health in these conditions. Who knows the right answer?

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