PNU Teachers - No Health Insurance as of October 13

Princess Nora University (PNU) HR has officially but discreetly confirmed that PNU teachers do not have health insurance because it expired today, October 13. Teachers are advised to go to a free government hospital in case of an emergency. Bring your iqama to prove that you are a legal resident.


If you're sick, you must go to a HOSPITAL to get a sick note because notes from clinics are no longer accepted.

Some teachers have said that service at free government hospitals take way too long and it's better just to pay at a private hospital instead.

Please pass on to any teachers and expat employees that you may know.

But don't go to King Faisal Hospital (KFH) because they don't take foreigners. They only take Saudis.

It's too bad though because I'm told KFH is one of the only good government hospitals you can go to,but they reserve it for Saudis,

True dizzylizzy. However, most of the other clinics in the list have also turned away foreigners because some employees don't know the rules. Teachers have gone, been refused or made to wait until Saudis are treated, then gone on to hospitasl, paying out of pocket. This is what PNU calls " health insurance". You will also pay for all medicines out of pocket because meds are not covered. Get used to it though, because the new system is here to stay.

As I've said before, if you have any health problems whatsoever, consider carefully before coming to PNU because you will pay for everything out of pocket.

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