Kids Castle International school

Hi all parents. I am moving to Nha Trang and I found Kids Castle and was told that this is the only international school for smaller children. Does anyone know this school and can recommend it? Does anyone know another international school. I heard about the French school with the English curriculum, however, when I checked the website they start the English school at the age of 6.

International schools have avoided Nha Trang as there was insufficient business. Good to hear they something now.

What are the fees and all the extra charges like?

Slowly but I can't find any information about this school. Seems to be very new and none of the parents know anything about it. Do you have a list about schools in Nha Trang. My child is 5 in February and all the international schools (2 I found) don't start before the age of 6.

The fee is $300 a month. I have the info and curriculum. If you are interested send me your email then I forward it to you.

If you could help me re school that would be great. Would a private teacher be a possibility? Any help is highly appreciated.

Kids Castle is fantastic. I know the owners personally (they are Canadians), and they run the school to international curriculum standards. I have quite a few friends who send their children there and the reports are fantastic. I would highly recommend them

Hi Can you update the more information about this Kid caslt school?

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