Moving from Saudi Arabia to Qatar

Dear All,

I am moving from Saudi Arabia to Qatar in around a month on final exit. I am planning to bring my car Toyota Corolla over to Qatar. Appreciate if someone could provide his experience in this regard.

Some questions I have:

1. For how many days am I able to drive the car on export plates in Saudi Arabia and then in Qatar.

2. After cancelling the number plates, am I good for final exit or the car will still appear under my iqama in the MOI system.

3. I have Qatar employment visa at the moment and I have been told that residency permit processing will take a month. Am I allowed to drive the car on export plates in Qatar during that time on the basis of passport. I have Saudi driving license.

4. After obtaining final exit, am I allowed to drive through the land border between Saudi Arabia and Qatar or should I have the car transported through mover and take flight myself.

5. Contact of any good mover company.

Any other advice will be highly appreciated.


Hello shellcrack,

I am also moving from Riyadh to Qatar and I would like to move my vehicle there as well.  Did you have any luck finding a company to help you do this or were you able to drive the car across?

Thank you for any advice you can offer.

bassami ... contact them and they should be able to help u ..


I contacted Bassami but they only operate between KSA and UAE, not Qatar. Another mover I contacted but he was charging way too much and process is complicated. You first have to transfer the vehicle out of your iqama, then move to Qatar, have your RP made there and then request the mover to send the vehicle over to Qatar. Or to be quick, before your Qatar RP is made, tell the mover to send it over to any of your friend in Qatar who already has RP and residence address.

For Driving across also, there are no clear rules as to what will happen at the border, because at that time you wont be having your Qatar RP, only Saudi Iqama.

In short, process is complicated, costly and people are not too clear. The best option is to sell your vehicle and buy another one in Qatar.

The procedures are not clear on either side of the border. That's the dilemma of the region :)

It's better to sell and buy a new one across the border.

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