Indian moving to Jakarta....looking for guidance from fellow Indians

Hi everyone,

Me, my wife and 1 year old kid would be moving to Jakarta in jan. Requesting fellow Indians living there to please share their email. We would like to connect with you for some guidance. We do not know much about Jakarta.


Sorry dude, can't help you at all.
Many of us have been here for a long time, but we aren't Indians, so you've excluded us.

May I ask why, please?

PS - As for email - Dude, this is an information sharing site, so we encourage posts in open forum, not requests for private information to be passed out, and general assistance/information to be kept between a couple of people.

What you learn may be valuable to other people, both Indians and the rest of the world's population, who come to Indonesia.

Maybe he is here undercover..... :/

I have recently moved in to Indonesia and I have 5 more colleagues here who are Indians.
You can contact me at raj_ilu[at] I'd be glad if I could be of any help to you.


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