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Hello there,

After more than one month here in Brunei , it is time for me to review this moving and give my impression for this country.

I you need some informations wiki is one of the best and you can check this link :

Useful informations :

Yellow pages :

On this web site you will find some useful information

Real Estate :

We check and discuss with three real estate but only one was good and efficient :

The different price for rental :
-House unfurnish between 800 BN to 1200 BN (400 to 600 Euros).
-House fully furnish between 1000 to 3000 BN (500 to 1500 Euros)

The houses are really big and you will have a lot of square meter.

Cars :

Brunei Darussalam is tax free country and for cars , it is really cheaper compare to europe , so just an example :

Hyundai Santafe in France : 30.000 Euros and more with some options you reach nearly 40.000 Euros. In Brunei Darussalam around less than 20.000 Euros , the difference is huge and crazy.
To buy a car you need a employment visa and a local driving license (easy to obtain , and if your personal driving license ask your embassy to provide the official translation)

Second Hand cars

This link hereafter seems to be reliable here in Brunei

Food and groceries

Brunei import most of the products , but basically you can find everythng , even some French or western products with a reasonnable price.

Life in Brunei Darussalam

After one month i have a better idea about the country the local customs.
Alcohol is forbiden for sale  but for non-muslim you can bring some with some limitation.

Brunei is very peaceful , for people  who are looking for rest and a peaceful : it is perfect.

I manage to find RC Control shops for plane and also a field with an Association : is great.


Every three days now , we have monkeys in our garden , last time all the family visit us and i guess i have to buy some food just to introduce myself and
perhaps have a kind of communication (Hehehehehe!) , so bad each time we forget to take some picture from our local visitors.

School :

Education is really relevant here in Brunei , the system is base on UK standard .

You can find also 3 international school

Healthcare :

Healthcare system is very efficient and very important free of charge. you can find some private clinic. One Hospital located in Bandar seri Begawan : RIPAS hospital . Well equiped and high healthcare capabilities.

Administration and paperwork :

Very efficient , but careful it depends a lot the staff you have in front of you and sometimes some employees doesn't speak English .
For visa if you are coming from Europe there is no major issues , but for long duration visa or employment Visa you need a assignement letter from your employer .

For yourself you need to fill the form 23 and for your dependant form 25 (Employment visa generally for 2 years max).
You also need 2 pictures (IC format)and passport copy either.

Local IC is mandatory to subscribe some services , like internet , mobile postpaid and i am sure many more. BTW it is really easy to get a local IC .

-Fill a form in ministry of immigration , national registration Dpt (Ground Floor) and the fee is 20 BN.
You don't need to bring a picture , they provide the facility for you.

Internet and telephone

-Telephone : Only one provider : TELBRU , so sorry i use mostly SKYPE but it seems to have no problem . Price is OK

-Internet , basically 2 local providers

-Telbru with speed between 364 to 1 Mb , this is the provider i use and no complain, my access works perfectly without any problem. Really easy to subscribe , but same you need a letter from your employer to subscribe . the price is little bit high compare to Europe price. I can use SKYPE without any problem.

-Go Broadband , the one i use at first at the office , the provider is new and not so reliable to be honest . The price is also very high.

-Hotspot and Wifi : you can find a lot of hotspot nationwide , working well

-Mobile : same two providers .

B-mobile not so much informations and DST TELECOM The one i use.
To be honest nothing special , not so reliable and they seems to have some technical problems sometimes. DST Telecom network is a 3G+ access, for browsing and email the speed is really efficient. Price is very high either , and worst is you use prepaid. To subscribe to prepaid not a big deal but for postpaid , same you need a employment visa + a letter from your company.

We are really happy to be here , the life is so great and peaceful , we are also very close from Thailand , Malaysia and many more countries , so
easy and quick to go: for example to KL and have some fun.

Bye bye for now

Very, very useful post, thank you!
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By the way Didier, I appreciate your participation, all your posts are really interesting.

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Hi Didier,

Thanks for the information! My husband will be posted to Brunei this dec and my 3 kiddos age 4, 2 and 5mths old will be tagging alone too! Your post really helps A LOT! Thanks again!

hi didier! thanks for the post, it helped me alot.
im a newbie here by the way ( a shout out of hello to everyone! HELLO!)
anyhow, I hope you could help me.
its really petty...

anyhow agen, im applying for this job based in Brunei, i have the other requirements except the part where I write about my EXPECTED SALARY. For me to answer that is to know how much cheap is cheap (in numbers) living in Brunei is. I can't possibly write ENOUGH in my application, can't i?

it was said that an average person need atleast 2 million yen to survive in Japan. if that were to be Brunei, how much BND would i need to survive at least?

I hope you could give me an answer coz the longer this takes the bigger the chances i'd miss my chance of employment.

thank you in advance.:)

hi didier...may i knwo what industry you in? how'd you get a job there? my hubby is interested to work tehre....


Hi there!

I live the Philippines and I applied for a job in Brunei thru an agency. I wonder if you could give me or anybody could give me any infos regarding this employer KINGSTON BEVERAGE & CREAMERY SDN BHD?  Thank you very much :)

Thanks for the info...been wanting to know more about Brunei...I live in Malaysia looking for business opportunity in Brunei...might want to travel there someday...

Thank you Mr.didierj for Useful information

Tend to agree with Dider, very easy to do things but one must realize that all does not happen on your first visit, so be prepared for a return trip. Not so bad really

A newbie as well.

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