Electronic cigarette

as of this writing, no physical shop here in riyadh has been selling e-cigarette or vape.

for those of you who would like to shift from analog cigarette to vape....

search in facebook, there are a lot of riyadh-based groups who cater to this hobby.

Maybe you know someone or has an extra to sell. Let me know. Thanks! Been searching for too long but no outcome. Glad if you can help me!

Hi there, there is alot of Shisha shops in north of Riyadh who sells mods atomizers batteries and Eliquids, decent prices 120ml for 110 Sr and 60ml for 70-90 SR

And also online shops such as: vapesgate.com and top-vapes.com Plus alot of IG accounts. Also you can find a great deals on new or used mods atomzirs in Haraj.com a website similar to Ebay (it's all in arabic).

if you want more and better collection you can try and order from Kuwait there is two online shops that'll ready to ship to Saudi. (Cloudy kuwait and vaping kuwait)


Funkyvape riyadh

Send me a location bro..............

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Where in Batha please give me location

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