Your moving experience - ship things or not?

Hello all! I'm curious about other peoples' moving experiences. Did you ship many of your "things" to your new home or did you mostly sell everything and start over?

I'm planning a move to Europe from the USA this winter and had just planned to sell nearly everything and start over. Then I got to thinking.. maybe it's worth the cost to have some of your familiar items around? Books and CDs, etc, are very personal but very heavy!

Thanks for sharing :D

I shipped some things when I moved:
some favorite kitchenware
my loom & supplies (I'm a weaver and the equipment is expensive!)
some expensive clothing

I'm glad I did it to have the familiar things around and so I could continue my hobby. When calculating the replacement value of the items, particularly the loom, it turned out to be cost-effective for me to ship.

I'd warn you about CDs though since shipping by sea can cause some corrosion on burned discs. Not all mine came through OK. I think it'd be more logical next time to rip to computer and just take the computer. Takes a lot less space.

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