double registration of my birthcertificate

hi everyone!

anybody of you who can help me..

I applied in the belgium embassy last april 2014.. unfortunately it was denied.. my partner decided that i will apply again,,now the time when I requested for a copy of my NSO birthcertificate I got a copy with a different family name when I tried to asked the NSO about it they told me that I had a double registration.. now my problem is I have to start from the begining again get another passport,when I was in the DFA they asked me to file a cancellation of my birthcertificate,,now when I already got a lawyer he told me that in law it should be the first registration that will prevail..what i have been using is the second registration including the name I registered in the embassy the first time I concern is I am planning to apply another application using family reunification ,, how will i explain my situation in the embassy? do I still have a chance to get my visa? it is so stressful for me and for my husband that it is like this.. please anyone can help me..

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